Who we are

Selling Japanese books to the world, More than 10 years of experience

Japanese Book Store locates its headquarters in Tokyo, while selling Japanese books to the world through Amazon and eBay, etc. since 2009.

Our experiences in selling Japanese books have surprised us in the sense that, apart from Manga which is known across the globe, many other types of Japanese books such as those related to Japanese culture, language study, photo albums and novels are loved and well-read by people all around the world.

Worries our customers face

Among which, we have received from customers are:

- In Amazon, Japanese books are hard to find

- They cannot complete their collection of a particular series they want

- They want to complete the photo book collection of someone but it's hard to find

etc. are the worries that have reached us.

We realized that since Amazon and ebay not only specialize in Japanese books, it may be hard for customers to find what they are looking for. What's more, the series that are being sold are scattered and the pricing are not consistent.

Additionally, the different shipping fees and shipping method depending on the seller led to unnecessary stress faced by customers.

E-commerce site specializing in Japanese books

We wanted to offer a site which made it easy to search for Japanese books, and set up Japanese Book Store as a result.

At Japanese Book Store, we specialize in Japanese books, and aim to make it easy to find and purchase the book you're looking for. Also, we look to standardize prices, avoiding extreme mark-ups or changes in prices, making it easier for customers to consider purchasing our products, when looking at prices including delivery fees.

5 unique points of Japanese Book Store

1. Specializes in Japanese books

We are an e-commerce site specializing in Japanese books, aimed at fans of Japanese books.

2. Made while attaching importance to making books easier to find by series, author, publisher etc.

We have established it by placing importance in "the ease of searching for Japanese books" by searching by series, author or publisher etc.

3. Consistent pricing system

There is no need to worry about when prices will increase or decrease.

4. Prompt and reliable delivery

We provide prompt and reliable delivery services with DHL and FedEx. Including deliveries through Japan Post, all deliveries come with a tracking number and insurance, so please rest assured that you can engage our services for international shipping.

5. Product line-up to meet your needs

Based from our experience so far, we know what our overseas clients want when it comes to Japanese books. Therefore, we prioritize products that our overseas customers greatly need even if they are not the type that we normally carry.